5 Ways to Keep your Financial Information Safe From Hackers

Financial information is important because it contains significant data about your financial health. It helps you make informed decisions since it highlights areas of your personal finance that help you avoid debt, manage monthly expenses, and provide the best ROI. In today’s article, we will you 5 ways that will help you keep your financial information safe from hackers. Read on!

Use Strong Passwords

We are living in a fast-paced technology era where we use our credit cards, debit cards, and other financial information to buy and sell stuff online. One easy way to keep your personal information safe is by using strong passwords.

Research shows that over 50% of hacking-related breaches are about stolen credentials. So, you have to use strong passwords that are long and use the alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Varying your passwords make it challenging for hackers to use stolen credential from one website to access your data on another.

Use Different Usernames

Like you use different passwords, it is recommended to use different usernames for different accounts. For instance, if you have Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and Instagram accounts that use your financial data for purchases or any other purpose, make sure you have a different username and password for each account.

So, even if someone hacks your one account, he or she may not get access to your other accounts. Using different logins, particularly for financial apps, will provide an additional layer of protection. One expert tip is to avoid using your primary email addresses as your usernames whenever possible.

Identity Verification

Hackers can steal your personal and financial information easily. It is important to avoid clicking suspicious links if you receive them in emails, Facebook Messenger, and other online platforms. Using two-step verification is an excellent way to protect your financial data online.

It is a secure way to log in to any app or device. As the name indicates, “two-step verification” requires two steps to log into your financial app. For instance, the app will require you to provide a password along with a passcode, which is usually sent through SMS to your phone.

Use Private Internet Connections

A private internet connection is secure and avoids hackers to steal your financial data online. Before you open a financial app or purchase a product or service online, make sure you find a private location where hackers can’t see your screen. Also, it is important to ensure you have a private internet connection and secure Wi-Fi access points.

Update Your Information

Experts recommend updating your personal information and enable notifications or alerts on your financial apps. It will help you ensure receiving timely notices of any suspicious account activity. Thus, doing so will allow you to respond quickly to any unauthorized use.

Final Words

Stealing personal and financial information online is common these days. It is important to focus on the aforementioned tips to avoid any unpleasant situation. Use anti-virus software, enable the firewall, use strong passwords, and connect to the internet via private connections to keep your information safe and secure.